Distribution Partners

Are you a registrar, portal or reseller?

The Domain Distribution Network enables registrars, resellers and portals to earn commision selling aftermarket domains from third party providers via an inline, instant sales process.

Broaden domain search inventory with high quality domains sourced from third party providers

Process sales immediately and maintain the customer throughout the process

Increase domain sales revenue by earning commission from every name sold

Domain Distribution Network API

DDN Enabled Distribution Partner

API Features & Benefits

  • Obtain real time, contextual, GeoIP driven domain name search results
  • Seamlessly transfer domain ownership from third party providers
  • Instantly transfer domains from the DDN seller to the registrar

Suitable DDN Partners

  • Registrars
  • Domain Owners
  • Small Business Networks
  • Web Developers
  • Web Hosting services
  • Domain Portals
  • Whois services
  • Internet Advertisers
  • SEO Marketers
  • Domain Brokers

Contact the Domain Distribution Network and become a distribution partner today Partners@DomainDistribution.com

Additional Features

  • Committed Pricing

    Comprehensive and flexible pricing structure allowing partners to negotiate and close deals in real-time, without requiring owner intervention.

  • High Quality Control

    All domain name are subjected to qualitative tests, ensuring correct spelling and vetting of brand and trademark based domains.

  • Validated Ownership

    Network distribution requires domains to reside with DDN certified registrars guaranteeing authenticity of the seller as the owner.

  • Authorized Transactions

    DDN certified registrars establish a binding sale agreement with the registrant to sell and instantly transfer the domain.

Distribution Partners

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