Portfolio Owners

Do you own a domain portfolio?

The Domain Distribution Network empowers domain owners to sell domains easily in the widest possible market.

Activate your domains for sale and set commissions quickly and easily via your DDN enabled registrar*

Reach a wide market of buyers through the Domain Distribution Network sales partners

Receive payments and transfer domains in real time with 'Instant Transfer Protocol' technology

* See participating registrars below

Portfolio Owner

Your Domain Registrar

DDN Enabled Registrar

Immeadiately take advantage of the Domain Distribution Network by logging in to your registar and activating domains for sale throughout the DDN via your registrars control panel.

Non DDN Registrar

Move your domain portfolio to a participating registrar or lobby your current registrar to implement the DDN functionality into their service.

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  • Portals
  • Affiliates

Key Benefits

  • Extensive Distribution

    Reach a wide market of qualified buyers via the DDN's comprehensive network of distribution partners, including the world's leading registrars.

  • Listing Aggregation

    Activate your domains for sale, and update prices and commissions network-wide with ease, all via your DDN enabled registrar.

  • Ease of Fulfillment

    Instantly receive payments without employing escrow services, and transfer domains between DDN enabled registrars without manual intervention.

  • Flexible Commissions

    Select how and where your domains sell by choosing the commission you want to pay.

Participating Registrars

Fabulous.com SnapNames.com Moniker.com